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We will not request your credit report unless we obtain a pre-approval based on the information you provide above, and only after you have given the required authorization to receive funding.  *  Once received, yYour Federal Tax ID and/or Social Security Number are submitted via a secured, encrypted server which uses the highest bank level security.  Your confidential information is only shared with licensed banks or finance companies that may be involved with obtaining financing on your behalf.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  By submitting your information, Social Security Number and/or Federal Tax ID Number signing above, each of the above listed business and business owner/officer (individually and collectively, "you") authorize BizLoan1 and each of its representatives, successors, assigns and designees ("Recipients") solely for the purpose of acquiring commercial loans or purchases of future receivables including business loan, and credit lines transactions, including without limitation the application therefor (collectively, "Transactions") to obtain consumer or personal, business and investigative reports and other information about you from one or more consumer reporting agencies, such as TransUnion, Experian and Equifax, and Dun & Bradstreet®, banks, creditors and other third parties. You also authorize BizLoan1 Capital to transmit this application form, along with any of the foregoing information obtained in connection with this application, to its affiliated banks and financing entities for the foregoing purposes.  You further consent to the release, by any creditor or financial institution, of any information relating to any of you, to BizLoan and to each of the Recipients, solely for the purpose of your requested financing.


​Applying for a Small Business Loan or Line of Credit will not impact your personal FICO score.*